Maintaining a confident balance between sophistication and warmth, photographer Naomi Finlay’s work is as varied as it is inviting.

Australian-born and currently based out of Toronto, Finlay has been shooting professionally for eight years, with a passion for decor, lifestyle, food and travel photography. Her work has been featured prominently in well-respected publications such as Designlines, Dwell and House & Home among others.

Finlay’s interior design photography combines her keen awareness of architectural flow with a sense of intimacy as she captures the rhythm of a space. Focusing on the human element, her portrait work bridges the livelihood and personality of her subjects – designers, celebrity chefs and visual artists among them – in the ease of their natural surroundings.

With an approach that’s refined yet accessible, her work also extends to a broad spectrum of travel photography. Finlay has conveyed the vibrancy and local colour of destinations such as South Africa, the Australian Outback and the Mediterranean.  

Passionate and creative in her approach, Finlay pulls influence from independent cinema and music, regional culture, the culinary world, the arts and her family and friends. Her photography is evidence enough that she loves her work and the challenges it brings.